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Welcome to our humble page, where we submit for your reading pleasure new works in American fiction

The hitch, of course, is that few readers know of our existence, but if you happen to be one, then consider yourself an honorary member of a very exclusive web literati - and join in the fun!


The count is growing! We kicked things off with suitably obscure author Jeanne Phillips' 3rd novel. Ms Phillips's work has also been published in the University of Idaho special collection "Authentic 20th Century American Women Writers."

Write fiction? American authors interested in publishing complete complete works (or samples) of poetry, short stories, novellas (including possible serial publication of longer works) may submit. Currently the site is free for readers and authors. We will reject pornographic and/or works featuring gratutious violence, however just about anything else will work. And while we're looking for fresh, new works of fiction that are uniquely "American" - we'll leave the exact definition up to you.

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